2019 Legion of Honor Officers


Commander:  Jim Moore

Vice Commander:  Dean Brown

Adjutant:  Nicholas Casci

Treasurer: Jim Smeby


Legion of Honor



The Osman Shrine Legion of Honor is a unit which marches in parades while presenting “colors” as appropriate for the occasion.  We also present the colors at many Osman Shrine functions as well as at the Osman Shrine Circus. 


Our mission is to show both patriotism and devotion to country and flag. We welcome any Shriner to become a Legion of Honor member, though many of our members are veterans. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact any member of the Legion of Honor.


Osman Shrine Legion of Honor

Osman Shriners

2750 Sibley Memorial Highway

St. Paul, MN  55121

(651) 452-5660

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